January 10, 2012

Shannon, BrieAnn, Superkate, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

My dance buddy Superkate works for Amanda Palmer, so she got me some tickets to see the show Amanda did in SF with her husband, Neil Gaiman. My friend BrieAnn who I know from MA and dancing joined me. And my friend Shannon, from school, is a big Gaiman fan, so she and I drove up together. Ben hung out with a friend while we were at the show, and we found him at his first dart tournament afterward.
Another (somewhat disturbing) photo I took that night, here.
We all stayed at BrieAnn's house and had kick-ass strawberry shortcakes in the morning.
Pre-show vietnamese yumminess.
Neil & Amanda
My worlds collide: Environmental policy friend, MA dance friend, me, Lex dance friend
Shannon and Amanda.
Shannon was giddy that I got her backstage and that she got to shake Neil's hand.
Ben bought his first set of darts that night.

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