January 14, 2012

How I Choose my Outfits

One of my friends said, "I'd like to be in Alyssum's head in the morning when she's choosing her outfits." So here's what happened this past Wednesday. I woke up looking like this.
Crazy bedhead. For a second, I thought about going to school just like that in a whatever outfit. Then I thought better of it. Instead, I was inspired (by my hair) to wear something ruffly in my wardrobe. I showered and then chose this aprony, ruffly, tiedied dress. It was too cold to wear alone, so I wore a plain black long sleeved tee underneath, and some ruffly green pants and green knee high socks. And, here we are.

I had many comments on this outfit. Ben said I looked magical, like a "special elf." Another friend reminded me of when someone called me "Queen Dancing Artichoke" when I wore those same pants to school. Lots of laughing, bewilderment, and compliments. Here's my interpretation of how all those comments/impressions painted me:

Ha ha.

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