September 30, 2010

Write by hand on the computer

Anyway, it'll be nice to send little messages in my own handwriting sometimes in emails. Yay.

September 28, 2010

Fall in Monterey

Feels like lovely summer everywhere else. There's just this one sugar maple that remembers what season it is.

Magpie Tendencies

The lady on the right: I feel like we're kin. I grew up putting together outfits like hers. It takes significant discipline for me not to walk out of the house looking like this every day. It all started with the discipline it took to resist my magpie-like tendencies ("Shiny!" "Colorful!" "Textured!" "Sparkly!") to acquire these bits of clothing in the first place. Or at least to put most of them in the costume box. And it also took discipline to feel okay acquiring simple, single-colored, 'bland' textured items of clothing to pair with the exciting bits so that it doesn't look like I stepped right out of the 60s or a costume box each day of my life. Wonderfully/luckily, I have come to realize that the challenge of toning things down in a socially acceptable manner, and looking downright decent instead of wacky, can be equally as satisfying as putting on all the bling at once. But that tendency still runs deep. And makes me smile.
Ronit Baranga

September 27, 2010

And Now, For Something Completely Different

Yay, Monty Python. My perennial favorite.

What a perfect intro to these next two bizarre photos.

"About Clothed Men"....really? What?

September 26, 2010

My Like

Mom was in China this summer, and she brought me back a magazine called "My Like". Every page is in chinese characters, but has one phrase in English, usually as the title. It's a goldmine of bad (good!) Engrish.
Star Plastic Pretty Woman

The latest tide opens to carry the method

The job field of you can't

Magic peach (heh heh)

Protect the wet essence

Let the love is in negative
timespace the back track of turn

And, drum roll please, my favorite: Avatar. AKA Mold the Thin Leg of Big Eye!

And just for added kicks, some cool makeup that reminded me of the Na'Vi (the people in Avatar. I had to look that up).

September 25, 2010

Swan Maiden

Maybe the Swan Maiden didn't know there was a coach just for her. Or perhaps she just liked having minions pulling her float.
And Anna Pavlova with her pet swan, Jack.


Lovely collage work by Catrin Arno.
Cool owl photo by this guy.
Crazy costume. All rights reserved by this guy.
Badass picture of jumping ring-tailed lemur.
Bearded ladies photo, curiomira's.
Saddest thing kahoxworth had ever seen.

September 24, 2010

Belong Together

In my internet surfing while I was sick the past couple days (did you notice I posted a bunch more than usual? that's why. Sickness is at least good for playing on the computer (o: ), I found these two images in completely different places. But I thought they needed to be united. I mean they belong together; that same yellowed color, the same happy pleasantness on the portraits, and camels too!

September 23, 2010

The Swan Dress

Who knew? Bjork wasn't the first.Here's Marlene Dietrich wearing a similar dress!

September 22, 2010

Home Projects

Here are a few things I've done around the house on the weekends. They fulfilled my creativity itch and made our home seem like a nicer place to be.

Hung our prisms in the window

For dancing rainbows on the wall

First time I've ever bought myself flowers.
Used tiny glass jars I bought in a junk store in Oakland.
One big red flower for each little jar!

Finally hung my printer's letterpress drawer on the wall!
Tiny treasures displayed.

Looks different with the flash.

Cappy approves everything.

Bad Actors

I came across these two photo collages today that pretty much sum up why I've always regarded Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage as two of the worst actors around. Not that I didn't really enjoy Raising Arizona ("Son, you got a panty on yo' head") or Parenthood ("We can record our love"), but tell me, really, don't you agree?

September 21, 2010


Another photo of Marlene Dietrich that looks more like my incarnation of her a few years back.

September 18, 2010

New House

Complete with Shaker chairs, flowers from the farmers market,a few African wall hangings, and a table cloth that makes me feel like I live a civilized existance.

September 5, 2010

Serious Work

My sister just published a book called Merm the Cat, inspired by part of our childhood. (You can pick one up here directly from her!) To help her out, I found our video chat today going from this

to this
within minutes. Yes! Pohl family ridiculousness!

September 3, 2010

Mutha Mary

Or whomever she is...
This statue is from a cemetery near where I lived in Massachusetts. It's one of the few landscape/beautiful pictures I took while living up there. It's still a desolate scene, but I feel like the statue is empathetic for anyone living there. The cold and emptiness but compassion I felt while being in vet school is pretty well summed up in the photo above.

Alphonse Mucha drawing from Princess Ilsee

Then the other day, I found this drawing by Alphonse Mucha which was strangely similar, and unlike many of the works of his that I'm more familiar with.

PS--I feel like I'm purging the last vestiges of glech from vet school days. Or maybe I'm allowing myself to share the tiny beauties from those days that I hardly dared to admit back then. My new school is amazing, I come home rejuvenated, revived, and SO EXCITED every day. I'm making room for sharing more of that by sharing things like this post first. *happy*

September 1, 2010

Not for Pendants

As I search for beautiful images for the pendants I make, I come across lots and lots of images that I can't use because they are copyrighted. But I can still share them with you here with adequate references to their creators. The last 3 links below lead to more of the artist's wonderful work. Enjoy.

A Bird Comes by Brigitte Carnochan

Summer: Blue, Yellow and Gray by Kim Keever