January 10, 2012

Ben's Surprise Birthday Party

Phillip came to visit for a week, which was super awesome. I was so bummed that I was busy with school and work the whole time and that I didn't get to spend more quality time with him. But he and Ben had fun exploring, snorkeling, etc. And at the end of the week, we threw a surprise party for Ben at our friends Travis and Colleen's house.
Snorkeling equipment

Ben's favorite game is rook, but it got to be a running joke with all our mega-game-playing friends because we never played it with him. So, we decided that his birthday was a great time to play rook, rook, and only rook. A hit!
Shannon, Ryann, Phillip and Ben rooking it up.

Dodon, Travis, Laura, Lisa
Incredible strawberry cake made by Laura, in memory of this strawberry cake fiasco
James cooks up the beer-soaked brats with gusto

Parsnip is pleased with the trappings of birthday spoils.

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