January 15, 2012


The conference I went to in DC in October had continental breakfast with these teeny jam jars. I took five to use in organizing efforts at home.
Which means I had to empty them. Yum.
Last time I was up at the Alameda Flea Market, I bought some old Kraft cheese boxes, thinking they would be the perfect thing to hold my little jars. Also, I was thinking of using them on my craft table...Kraft...craft...get it? (Oh, puns). After several months (I don't eat a lot of jam), I finally washed them all out, and also used some baby food (squash for a pumpkin recipe over the holidays) so I could use those jars in the larger Kraft box.
They stayed there for another month while I finished the semester. But now, here they are in their glory, holding small hardware, beetle wings, sharks teeth, with room to hold a few more items.

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