January 9, 2012

Gardening with Friends and Parsnip

When Parsnip was a tiny kitten she came with me everywhere. Work, dance studio, in the car, on walks around town. I was super clingy to her b/c I needed the extra love in my life at the time (just kicked out of vet school), and also because she was teensy and needed regular feeding. I wanted her to be well socialized despite not having another cat in the house too.

Anyway, all that went by the wayside when we got Cappy. But occasionally Parsnip gets stir crazy and we indulge her curiosity of What's Beyond The Front Door by taking her with us on walks and such. One day we took her to the community garden at school. We all composted and hoed and planted while she chilled, enjoying the sunlight and new surroundings. She did not enjoy wearing her gardening hat. Ha ha.

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