April 22, 2013

33 and counting

Numbers alive--improving numerical literacy
I'm 33 and a bit.  Since my birthday, I have spent many hours alone at home, went on my first touristy trip in DC (to see the cherry blossoms) one morning before work, read half a novel (first time in forever), visited my friend Victoria up in Phildelphia, pressed through a couple terribly painful days when I was sick, and done a whole bunch of reflection.

When I got here in DC, I was hustling and bustling, excited about living in a new place, excited to be living alone without having to take care of someone else or worry about another person's day to day issues, excited to have a job I cared about for the first time, excited to have my free time be my time, and free time (no homework!).  I have not begun to take these things for granted.  However, I have settled in, which means I have become accustomed to these wonderful aspects of my life and have experienced lonely moments, issues arising at work, overbooking my free time, and realize that I still struggle financially. 

Now that I have settled in, I am trying to just enjoy what I have.  But I have one eye on the future.  What's next?  My fellowship is only 2 years long, and I'm 6 months in.  I need to start strategizing The Next Move.  I know that I'd like to re-establish myself in the conservation world a bit more strongly than where I am currently.  Beyond that, all bets are off.  I have lots of ideas, and the world is my oyster.  

I spent so long focusing on finishing a graduate degree and finding a job, that I hardly ever considered other long term goals.  Now, I find myself free to daydream.  I am unencumbered by a relationship, and can do anything anywhere I decide to do it.  (That's not to say a relationship is necessarily a hindrance, just that I don't have to consider another person's plans right now).  

Some longer-term possibilities:

Open a dance/arts/circus studio
Work on combining my arts and conservation goals
Stay in Washington
Move to Boulder or back to California
Focus on a conservation job internationally somewhere
Move into a tiny home to save on rent
Start an Alpaca farm
Go sailing
Delve more into performance

Depending on the day, my mood, etc, any and all of these options are super appealing. My life is a question mark right now.  And it feels warm and inviting to not know the answer to "What will happen?".  My 33rd year is off to a solid start. Lots of experience in store...

April 19, 2013

Beginner's Mind

I guest-blogged for The Dancer's Journal, the blog of Mecca, my home studio in Lexington KY.  Take a gander!
Marc Dalessio's Learning Curve