January 11, 2012


Start of the new year! We went boogie boarding for the first time, on Carmel beach. It was super busy; everyone and their dog was there because it was a balmy 68 degrees and a holiday. Still, there were only ~a dozen people in the water (~1 mile beach), and we made up 5 of the dozen. Cold water keeps the riffraff away! (o: By the end of the day, I figured out that to catch a wave that will carry you all the way in to the shore, it needs to be one that has a wall of water behind it to propel you. The more water, the more momentum you'll have.
It was amazing how some swells wash past you softly, while others feel like they're punching you in the gut.
At one point, the waves became really intense. Despite holding on to the boogie board for dear life, I was pummeled, like I was in a washing machine for 3 waves in a row. Between the 2nd and 3rd, I came up for air and couldn't see. I realized I had blinked a contact out. I caught sight of it on my wrist, pinched it between forefinger and thumb, embraced my board, got tumbled by the water, came up and put my contact back in my eye. Voila! I can't believe I didn't lose it.

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