January 10, 2012

New Camera

Here it is, I will geek out a little bit here. At the beginning of November, I bought my dream compact camera. It's a Canon S95. I took photography way back in high school and won some photography awards in high school and college, but ever since my film camera broke in college I have not had an SLR. My point and shoots have been pretty fun, but this camera really allows me to do anything I would do on an SLR (minus changing the lenses). The different functions are not too buried in menus, so I can access them easily enough right at the moment. And the way it allows light in is incredible. I can take damn-good photos in extremely low light. I love that. And it's still small enough to tuck in my pocket! Psyched!
And it has a smile sensor that I can turn on so it only takes pictures when it senses a smile. Weird.

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