June 24, 2007

Multicolored Frame

Ben's first frame job....I was very worried when he told me he chose 3 different colors for the frame, especially since we had settled on simple white before he left to get the job done. But, will wonders never cease, it looks good.

Furniture Solution

My aunt gave me this bookcase that my uncle made a long time ago. It looked cruddy and dusty and crappy. With just a couple goings-over with Pledge, look at this beaut! Quite the gosling turned swan! And now my clothes can be folded and my jewelry box has a place to live. Aaahhhh, organization.

June 17, 2007

Flea Marketing

I'm frustrated because I have stuff, but no furniture in which to put the stuff. So my apartment is littered with clothes and piles of thisandthat. And I have no desk which makes being productive or accomplishing much on my computer very difficult. To help that out, and try to find me some furnitures, Teresa and Ben went with me to some flea markets and antique shops. We weren't too successful except in finding some laughs:


A) I dreamed a friend got to ride on the back of an orca, and she thought it was so fun and for some reason thought that was my life--all fun, riding on the back of an orca. But when she was done, the orca's dorsal fin had been grossly fractured in 2 places and I had to fix it.

B) There were lots of chinchillas that I was looking at as possible pets. But they had parathyroid issues.

C) Everything is swirly and soft, and then I go underwater and get confused, can't find up or down, and start to drown in the dark with bubbles all around me.

June 12, 2007

Pleasant St Detour

The last week of school turned out to be absolutely terrible. My Kenya project for the summer fell through and put me over the edge. I had several panic attacks, and my mom flew up to hold my hand through the last few days of school in which I had 3 exams in three days, and several papers to write. I passed all my classes, but not well enough to have a high enough GPA to re apply for the international certificate...the reason I went to Tufts in the first place. This is all very very disappointing to me. I try not to think about it because it has serious repercussions on how I view my career goals. Sigh. Just trying to get through school. But first I'm trying to get through this summer, recuperating from the stress of it all. Trying to make my living as a dancer. Trying to be patient, to reteach myself how to relax, how to not always be anticipating the next thing. Sigh.