January 11, 2012

Crystal ties.

I have been ogling these for a long while. I bit the bullet and bought them as a present to myself. I agree that they're intense, but I love the combination of sharp crystal prisms, supple old leather, and ribbon. It's an unlikely and collagey group of materials.

I loved the presentation. Satin ribbon with the name of her blog wrapping the box.

I look forward to my first performance with them. I can imagine them on my head, around my neck, as epaulettes, on my hips, ankles...
The woman who makes them, Lauren Tennenbaum, keeps a blog [ (IN)DECOROUS TASTE ] that I've been following and admiring for a couple years. I think she is genius. I don't always love her work, but I usually do. And I always appreciate her creativity and drive.

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