June 22, 2006

Boulder Colorado

Spent the whole week there not just for Chelsea's wedding/baby shower! Other fun: Ben with Snoopy and Woodstock, lots of good food (as represented by the picture of vinny hugging chelsea at Foolish Craig's, a local yummy eatery) , bouldering at mt. evans with Dave Hume and Nick Rueff...

Chelsea and Vinny's Wedding

Across the board, people said it was their favorite wedding ever. "If more weddings were like that, I'd enjoy going more often!" said Nick Rueff, my college roommate who was visiting for the weekend. They had a Buddhist ceremony during which Chelsea giggled constantly. The reception was held at the nightclub where Vinny is bouncer--they had all their friends play sets rather than hiring performers. I loved that aspect! Mom and I performed a few bellydances; one I've been honing and have performed 3 times now, a veil peice by mom, an improv duet, and an Urban Tribal choreography-inspired peice by me. Also Dad played guitar and sang (as did many of their friends). At the end of the night, a friend showed a slideshow of pictures of Chelsea and Vinny growing up (lots with Caroline who was out there to celebrate with us!), with hints and tips on marriage/love/parenting (recorded from random people on the street) dubbed over the slideshow. As they cut the cake, Chelsea claimed, 'We're GOOD at this marriage thing!"

Baby Shower

Not my most comfortable situation to be in (around a bunch of oohing and aahing women who talk about babies and go giddy over baby things...) but it was really fun anyway. We made a plaster cast of Chelsea's belly and bust. And did some henna.

June 12, 2006


The Infusion Tribal Dance-A-Go-Go was a hit. Hell, the whole week was! Not only did I get to come home to enjoy the first part of my healthy summer with Ben, but I got to go dance for 5 hours every day too! Enjoyed the space at Mecca--not even hot!!--and enjoyed the company of my favorite dancing ladies of Rakadu plus Superkate plus our new silly friends Rachel, Mira and Liz. The performance at the Dame was a blast and we had many people tell us it was their favorite, ever. When I dared to assume that the audience was reacting favorably only to our out-of-town ladies, they corrected; "There was no weak link, every peice was just knock-out awesome". Thank you all who came and participated in the workshops or in performances or as audience members----it was a success!

[pics: Ben's chicken fingers pinch infusion poster bunny; Guedra biddies Brooke, Suz, and Mel; My marionette /contortion act, Alyssum as air in the back, and 4 others as water in the fore; Alyssum leading some improv; Natasha at work; at Mick's bachelor party.]