January 12, 2012

Bad Ass

When we took this picture, Anne-Claire, Ben and myself were feigning ├╝bercoolness (too cool to smile). I mean, we're boogieboarding. Not like we're even surfing. Anyway. We had no idea how crazily the day would end there. The rip current got so strong that it knocked me off my feet in water not even up to my hips. Not surprisingly, then, two kids who couldn't swim, and who were wetsuit-less got pulled out into the dangerous tumbling waves. Anne-Claire and our other friend Travis went in after one, and managed, with some difficulty, to get him safely to shore. The other child was pulled out beyond the waves, and a 3rd boogie-boarder man went out to save that kid. After ~45 minutes, he was still unable to get back to shore because the current was too strong, and a lifeguard had to go out and pull them in. The guy was so exhausted he puked and couldn't stand and passed out. The kid was safe, but the guy was rushed to the hospital. That's the short version of the story. It was crazy. That guy, and our friends are absolute heros. Dangerous situation. Yipes.

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