March 14, 2012

Weekend with Mira

I went up to Oakland to spend a couple days with Mira. She's pregnant and busy as ever. This is her dancing the week before with Beats Antique:

I was so happy to spend some quality time with her, watching her baby belly dance around, talking about our respective long term relationships, and pulling together all our bits and pieces that we've collected and making them into costumes. I appreciate Mira so much. I value her perspective on relationships because like me, she's been in one for over 10 years and has not married--she has a very realistic understanding of how things work. She reflects what she sees in me and Ben, and reminds me that sometimes you have to pick your battles. I also feel so creatively replenished after hanging out with her. Her humor and perfectionist eye help me feel actualized.

All my sister's friends had kids in their early twenties, but my friends are just beginning to have children in their mid 30s. Mira is my closest friend that has been pregnant, and she is one of my first peers to be pregnant, so it's kind of different and interesting for me to experience part of this portion of Life through her.

She was working on some pieces for a show in Vegas that would address the confidence and bewilderment she feels entering into motherhood. I can't wait to see what she did.
Here are some costumes I have in the works. Thanks to her serger, I was able to come darn close to finishing one costume in a day. That never happens!

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