March 16, 2012

Oscar Party

Any opportunity to play dress-up! The Oscars party our friends had was the perfect chance to wear this crazy dress. I bought it over Christmas break in Kentucky for $5 at an antique mall. I thought I'd cut it up and turn it into a costume; I thought as hideous as it was, the sparkle would look great on stage. I didn't try it on til I got to Mira's house the other weekend, and VaVaVoom, I kind of couldn't help thinking that it looked stupendous afterall. In a sort of terrible over-the-top-Persian sort of way. So I just went with it and did the over-the-top Persian smokey eyes to go with it, and fa-bam! Oscars costume. I made and brought a Persian bulghur/eggplant dish to complete the persona.

3 pairs of false eyelashes do the trick.

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