March 16, 2012

Consolidating with shoeboxes and fabric.

Ben was in Palo Alto for 3 days last week, working. On the first day he was gone, I reorganized our back room/office. He had found the shelving unit you see in the back corner for free on the side of the road, so I was able to transfer piles of stuff into organized shelving. The room looked great except for this box sitting on a shelf: a big ugly brown box with a bunch of loose CDs and electronics stuff.
I had 3 shoe boxes laying around that were roughly the same size, and decided to cover them with some fabric and turn them into organization boxes.
Laying the box on the fabric end to end, I measured the piece of fabric, with about an inch of extra fabric on either side.
Beginning at one edge, I hot glued the fabric to the box.
Continuing hot gluing, all the way around the box.
At the end, here's the extra fabric I needed to cut off.
I cut right along the edge of the box, and reinforced that corner with a line of hot glue.
Here's what the extra fabric looked like before I folded it over the box:
I made 2 cuts in each corner like so:
And then hot glued that tab, and folded it over the box edge.
So it looks like this:
I repeated the same cutting/gluing regimen for the bottom of the box, and the fabric met like this:
You can cover the box tops one of 2 ways. If the box top is not too tight with the fabric on it, you can cover the box top the same way you did the box. That will look like this:
However, 2 of my 3 boxes had lids that would have been too tight with the additional fabric. Because the lids were black around the edges, I decided that it wouldn't look too bad if I just covered the shoebox image with fabric.
I traced the lid, then cut a piece of fabric smaller than the traced image.

Like so.
And here they are finished. Electronics fit inside and the ugly box is gone.

Important: Quality control inspectors like Cappy really help.

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