March 16, 2012

Congratulations Ben!!!

I am so so so pleased and proud and grateful to be here with Ben right now, as he is experiencing this significant transition in his life. I have believed in and supported him for years, knowing that he was brilliant, capable, and that his work would be undoubtedly successful at some point in the future. He has been working on his own start-up companies for the past 9 years, and though they had failed, I saw progress in his own learning/competency, with each one. I could clearly see that each company got a little further than the last.
Moving out here so I could go to school and Ben might be able to work in Silicon Valley was pretty much ideal. And though he struggled for the first 8 months here, searching in vain to find work, he finally found a couple promising gigs. One of these, NEO-Loan, is the winner. Ben is partners with the founder of this company (basically offering alternative loans based on criteria other than credit scores). In November, they presented at the Founders Showcase (~3000 applicants), and WON! They were officially, "Silicon Valley's Hottest New Startup."

Beer Bash at the new office

Due to the attention attendant with that title, they have secured--as of last week--investment. It's official! Ben is a successful Silicon Valley startup businessman! They have office space in Palo Alto, and Ben now goes up there to work 3 days/week. I went up last Friday to join in celebration with him. First there was a 'Beer Bash' at the office, then we had a super nice dinner with his partner Navin and his wife Nupur.

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