March 26, 2012

Last day in Bishop

We ended up leaving Bishop a few days early for several reasons. )o: But before we left, we went on another excursion to search for petroglyphs, and 1 of the 2 places we searched did not disappoint. At the first site, we experienced a pretty intense dust storm!

I can never tell if these things are alive or not, scorched and twisted as they are.

Rodent pellets/bathroom, with a lovely view.

zig zag

Storm in the distance

Here comes the dust storm


Low pressure cell (I don't really know what I'm talking about, I'm just throwing out some meteorological terms).

Driving: now you see it (dust storm oncoming)

Driving: now you don't (white out in a dust storm!)


Hominy holes.

Getting sun-baked.

Cottontail! See it?

Zoomed in


Stopping for some "Really Good Jerky"

God bless.

Outside Mojave. I've never seen so many windmills!

Train in the mountain like a toy train set.

And just like that *snaps*, the landscape was green again. Crazy.

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