March 26, 2012

Crafting Lions

It's okay that we came home from Bishop early: I got a lot done. First, I convinced my friend Colleen to go scavenge for glass (for pendants) with me in an abandoned fort nearby. She was freaked out, but a good sport about it. I scored. I found some pieces large enough to accommodate the set of coasters that I've started making.

Then we went to her house and crafted for a while. She made lavender salts and sugars, and sewed a little kittycat for her baby-to-be (but it has to be redone, dang it), and I made little lions out of felt, velvet, and crocheted doilies for Mira & Joe's baby-to-be.

The finished product. Rawr/mew.

Here they are at Mira's with the mustachioed bunny she made for her baby.

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