March 14, 2012

Bonfire on Carmel Beach and Light Painting

The same gang that went hiking to Sykes Hot Springs had a bonfire on the beach, and Ben was able to join us this time. We had fun roasting s'mores, chitchatting, playing music, and mostly (at least for Anne-Claire and I) light painting!

Anne-Claire's tribute to "The Bachelor" which we faithfully (although tiresomely this season) watch together every week with John and Ben.

Venus and Jupiter (I think) were also brightly visible by the moon.

I tried to draw a tree, and then lean against it.

Multi-stage self portrait.

AC's perfect waves.

Not just waves, but a fish! I think it's neat that she came up with this on her own, but that Nick did something so similar recently.

As the moon set...

Ben, light man, with red heart.

AC and Ben collaborate: waves, kelp, fish.

Dodon's head looks a little different than usual.

Afterward, Ben convinced Lisa and Dodon to come over to our house, and I have rarely seen him so drunk or funny. He bossed people around, teaching drum rhythms and making me put on a dance costume so they could all play for me. And he made me get out my crystal headdress things, which usually frighten him. It was pretty funny.

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