March 16, 2012

Stepping Stones

Outside the office, a pretty overcast day.

At work, I finally finished creating the methodology for some market research that I conducted over the past year. They've hired two other MIIS students to conduct the same market research in a different region of the US.
Melissa and Frank, yay!

Melissa and Frank have been working on the project for less than a day, and they're already at a point that it took me months to get to in the methodology. I am so pleased and excited to see my methodology in use. While I'm a bit self conscious about the fact that it's taking them much less time that it took me, everyone (M & F and my boss and coworkers) have all assured me that I paved the way for them, and have made it easy for them to get it done quickly. It feels good to have my work appreciated, and to see progress made in my wake.
Sometimes my hair is curly.

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