September 30, 2011

Saying goodbye to WWF and DC

All in all, I learned a ton. When I started working at WWF, I was exhilarated by how In-The-Vortex of policy I was...but I was relieved by the fact that I was an intern which meant that I wasn't ultimately responsible for what I was doing. Wonderfully, by the end of my 10 weeks, I felt like I was doing really good work, and that I could have been responsible. What a great confidence builder! I also met amazing people, and am so thankful for those connections.
The atrium at WWF

Looking down the central atrium.

Some reading material

As you can tell from all my other posts about the summer, between work (dream job!), a regular exercise routine (yoga, kettlebell, swimming, biking, walking), evenings at the Kennedy Center, the kickin' dance scene in DC, and the friends I have there, I really didn't want to leave by the end. I felt confident, healthy, worldly, mature, productive, artistic; I felt like the best version of myself. Here's a self portrait of my last day there that I feel embodies those sensations.

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