September 29, 2011

Extra Funs in DC

I'm going the proverbial extra mile this evening and finishing my DC blog posts so I can catch you up to the rest of my life! (funny, because I'm headed back to DC this weekend...more on that later)
A random collection of other fun things I did in DC:

Walking around one day, I tried this dress on. I liked it, but decided it was too short and airy for cool Monterey weather.
Walking around Georgetown one day, the clouds were ominous, and the gold dome on this building was extra shiny.
I hung out with Danielle from vet school one day--we caught up over lunch and then had frozen yogurt. Very good to see her.
I went to a burlesque show one night. I'm not much of a burlesque fan, despite having taught at a burlesque festival once... But the girl on the left, she rocked! She was everything that I wish all burlesque was (funny, confident, raunchy, clever, adorable, technically proficient, lovely to see), and nothing that annoys me about most burlesque (girls trying too hard, girls with zero talent simply undressing, predictable, obvious "tricks" with boring filler between, uuugggh).

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