September 30, 2011

Portland 2

Bear with me, as I dump some pictures to catch up to my life now. Here are some more of our awesome Portland week, back in August. We hung out with Emily and Joel, who I became friends with in vet school. And I had a fancy piƱa colada at one of Portland's tiki bars.
This is Ben with his Viking wrap, at the food cart parking lot near Phil and Tara's. They had this viking helmet sitting on the picnic table, ripe for photos.
Ben and I really enjoyed going to the Japanese Garden. I went 4 years ago when I came out to Portland for the first time, to go to Joel and Emily's wedding. It's so beautiful there. Definitely worth paying the entrance fee.

The coloring of this photo doesn't reflect how well ben matched the color of the foliage he was touching:

Then we went down the hill to the rose garden, which was free. And very cool. Roses are not my favorite flowers. But the sheer variety amongst them was impressive and interesting. Lavender roses:
Enormous roses:
Roses with spots:
Ben photographing some of his favorites there:
Some of my favorites. I love the multi-hue:
And this yellow one was my very favorite. It grows short like a bush and is extremely prolific.

Here we are outside of the place where we ate brunch. It's a picture of Tara, but really, it's a picture of the hipsters behind her who were not only eating brunch next to us that morning, but were also at the bar we went to the night before, literally burning money. What's up with that?

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