September 6, 2011

Lightning Storm

I woke up one morning at 4am to almost constant lightning. I scribbled sleepy notes on a scrap of paper by my bed, in the dark: "I don't remember ever experiencing a thunderstorm like this. rolling thunder like the amplified bowling ball rolling down a creaky wooden hallway. constant strobe. cracks like explosions. blinding my eyes so I see blackspots tho my eyes are shut. thru my sleepy eyelids. dreams like an armageddon movie. in 1 minute: 10 flashes of lightning or more. some that strobe & last as long as 5 seconds at least 2 that give me black spots through my eyelids." Just before dawn, I woke up enough to think about trying to catch some of it on video. This is the tail end of the storm, the tamest portion.

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