September 6, 2011


July 28, 1921. Washington, D.C. "Relief from hot weather. Bathing at Rock Creek Park." National Photo Company Collection glass negative

The temperature rarely dipped below 85 degrees this summer in DC. There were 3 weeks straight where the temperature hovered around 100 degrees, and one weekend (when Mom and Daniel came to visit) when the temperature was 105. Add the humidity to that equation, and you get heat indices of 123 degrees!!! It was truly brutal.
Ugh. Hot. Collapsing on the couch is all I could do sometimes.

I was really looking forward to a real, hot summer, complete with humidity and all. I am one of those few people who enjoy humid heat. However, my comfort level is best when it's 80 degrees and humid, giving the feel of a wet 90 degree day. More than that and you just feel like you're walking in hot soup when you leave the comfort of your home. I made the best of it, though, continuing my exercising routines, and biking to and from work despite the heat. I really only crapped out on those few days that felt like 120 degrees. I hit a new record for myself the day I took 5 showers one day, trying to feel refreshed despite the sweat/heat/yuck. Swimming at my gym was a nice thing to do in the evenings. I got out of the city once, when a friend and I visited Great Falls on the Maryland side of the upper Potomac. We got stuck in a rainstorm, but enjoyed putting our feet in the water.

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