September 30, 2011


At the end of the COS MARINE course, Ben and I finally had some time to enjoy with one another; we spent a week up in Portland.
Portlandia: Put a bird on it! It's not even a joke. That shit's for real here.

We stayed with our close friends Phillip and Tara. And, basically, we ate well and didn't do a lot more than that. It was my only true vacation this summer!!!
Eating at a Japanese ramen house

Me ordering food at one of Portland's ubiquitous and genius foodcarts


Next door neighbor's colorful garden

Phil, Ben and I took a walk to watch the colors change on Mt. Hood as the sun set

We made a rhubarb pie

Ben chilling

We picked and ate a million delicious figs at P & T's friends' house

Mmmmmm, figs

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