October 29, 2008

Popular vote in Ky--

We're known as a Red State. All my friends from the Northeast wonder how I can stand living in such a place. My response has always been that I never minded being different from the people around me--I always felt like Kentucky was more diverse, than, say, Boston or Boulder or Seattle. Not racially/ethnically, necessarily, but my experiences lead me to believe definitely income, education, and political view--wise. (Kentucky and Massachusetts, interestingly, are tied for state with the widest spread between poorest and richest inhabitants in the nation). I found this table that shows the popular vote results by county for the 2000 Presidential election.
TOTAL= Gore: 640,123 Bush: 872,141
Of voting citizens, 2 of every 5 Kentuckians that you meet are likely to be Democrat. That's higher than I would have imagined. See? It's not so bad here. I quite like it, actually. What's a little more disturbing (nationwide, not just in KY) is how few people get out to vote. But that's another story.

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Tiffanie said...

having been a voting resident in what is commonly called "the people's republic of berkeley", i now see pros and cons to the other side of the coin. homogeneity is unnatural and strange.