October 20, 2008

Dance of the Tarantula

Teresa, Mel & I performed for the Wondrous Sunday "Dance of the Tarantula" at the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens yesterday, with David Rogers' Big Bugs exhibit as a backdrop. Here're some links to excerpts of our 40 min show.
(note that you can watch them in high quality if you like)
Part 1, Struggling in the Web.
Part 2, Veil.
Part 3, Bite Poison.
Part 4, Feast.
Part 5, Rest.
a Flickr slideshow, taken by Mick Jeffries' step-dad who runs the botanical garden.

I first saw the Big Bugs exhibit in Framingham, MA when I first moved up north, four years ago. Performing such a trance-like piece, here in my homestate was very cathartic for me, a sort of 'full circle' representing that all the bad that has happened in the past 4 years can be let go of, and I am free to move beyond, in a new direction. Here's the dragonfly up in MA:

And here it is in KY (you can tell the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly by the way they hold their wings. The former holds them parallel to the ground while the latter holds them upright when landed):

I had a great day hanging out with Mick & Lucy, Farhad & Mel & Teresa. We got the full Owensboro tour!

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Mick said...

and what superfun it was to have the lexcrew in obo! kinda wish we could have had more time, but we made the most of it, no doubt