October 26, 2008

Ladies! Let's Bike!

A great article that exposes what we all knew was true, but never saw in print before: the worry of helmet hair is actually deterring people from riding bicycles to work! It talks about how gender inequality in the form of what grooming habits are deemed acceptable is having an effect on global warming. I am sad to say that on certain days when I'm expected to look a certain way, I have not ridden my bike to work for this exact reason (not that I'm infallible otherwise...I admittedly don't ride as much as I could/should). How can we change this?! How can we improve the numbers of people who ride to work/school, and the ability to still look/smell great when we get there, and change the expectations of co-workers/clients so that they are more apt to congratulate you for riding to work instead of dissing your helmet hair?!

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