October 15, 2008

Just like these.

Pleasing to the eye. Mine, anyhow.


Tiffanie said...

your eye is uniquely yours. this collection is a great example of that. these are such interesting images, and looking at them, i could totally say, "these look like a collection that Alyssum would like." i'm not a visual art specialist, so i can't explain more than that.. or maybe i can: the intricacy.. the shapes.. juxtaposition of color and.. the particular brand of thought/intelligence/creativity behind them? also the stimulating effect of them. very cool collection.

Mick said...

love that nice little collekshun..

in a geeky mode, can you tell me if there was some easy clicky way that you assembled those shots and blogged them? I've long been puzzled by the simple task of blogging an online image.. i.e.: in a single click, sending an image from the web straight to my blog. seems like it should be easy, but I remain perplexed..