November 2, 2008

Autumn Parsnips

One of my favorite root vegetables are parsnips--sweet and fibrous, they taste best (I think) when they're sliced thin and toasted in butter. If they're really crisp, a moment in a steamer to soften them can help. If they're older and more 'rubbery' then they're pre-softened for you.

And then there's Parsnip with a capital P.


May said...

Here's a dorky factoid for you: this is one of those rare instances in the English language wherein a word has two different pronunciations depending on whether it is capitalized or not (like polish as in shoe polish and Polish as in Poland). When in lowercase 'parsnip' is pronounced phonetically; when capitalized, it is pronounced "cutie".

That parsnip looks like french fries. Does it taste like french fries? Mmmm.

Tiffanie said...

ha ha! that first comment was quite clever!
i like lower case parsnips, too. roasted w other roots!