October 20, 2008

Mark & Jordan's Wedding

Drove down to Greenville w/ Tara, Phillip & Ben to celebrate Jordan and Mark's wedding--not the first two-Gaines-fellows-getting-married circumstance, but the first I've been to. They had a small, intimate, and concise ceremony followed by an appropriately luxurious, delicious, and Southern reception. (Mmmm, pies instead of cake! And Ben was excited for a week about the country ham). Someone yelled, "CONGRATULATIONS" out the car window of a van as Jordan was walking down the 'isle'--perfectly timed and funny. The orchids were gorgeous, and everywhere. Lovely seeing other Gaines fellows and their mates & Dan & Wendy, too.
It was funny to drive into Muhlenburg county: 4-wheelers for sale and unlimited fast food restaurants on one side of the street, insurance companies and medical equipment services on the other. So you can have your vices and have the consequences of those vices fixed on the same street. How very efficient and practical. Ha ha. I was amazed to learn that if you use oxygen tanks regularly, these days you have the option to purchase 'flavored' oxygen--this month's special= "spice" aroma. Huh. Some memorable moments from the day:

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