March 22, 2013

Languages 'n' me

English, native

Spanish, proficient, studied since elementary, used in Mexico, Guatemala, & Nicaragua

Swahili, conversational, learned in Tanzania

Italian, would be conversational pretty quick, studied in undergrad, used in Sicily

Gaelic, studied on my own, can sing songs, pick out words, pronounce correctly, picked up in Nova Scotia, tried in Scotland

Old English, studied in undergrad, can recite a poem, recognize words & parse it a bit

German, 1st language I tried to teach myself-- too young for proper internalization.

Still overwhelmed with how awesome people are when they're FLUENT in more than 2 languages.

1 comment:

Alyssum Pohl said...

Ha ha. My speaking Spanish is lame. I mean I can understand, but any time I start a sentence in Spanish, I get stuck half-way through on a word. It always comes out in Swahili.