March 17, 2013

Follow Up to Yesterday

I shared my thoughts yesterday.  Here's how I ended up spending the day.

Making coasters and pendants.

Organizing a new jewelry box that I got at the thrift store for $4.  When I was in Monterey, I was using 2 small crappy jewelry boxes.  I didn't want to take them with me.  So I dumped all these pretties in a bag for the move.  I haven't been using them as much as I want to because it's hard to find anything in a mishmash bag.  So, though this is yet another temporary solution (eventually I want a larger, more beautifully crafted jewelry box), I like it pretty well.

I worked on a collage commission that I'm really excited about.

I made myself some good food.

So, I was productive, I took care of myself, and though I was anxious most of the day and had some upsetting parts of the day, I hereby give myself a pat on the head and a hug for doing a good job.

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