March 11, 2013

Dream: Take it Easy


I was looking for my credit card.  I lost it because I am too busy.

While I was looking for my credit card, my ride picked me up.  I continued looking for my credit card and didn't realize until it was too late that we weren't going straight home.  I wanted to go straight home so I could keep working on stuff.

Instead, we were going to the pool.  I didn't bring my swimsuit with me because I was too busy to pay attention to the fact that we might go swim.

I couldn't walk home to either get my swim suit or just continue working because I had socks on, but no shoes.  Again, because I was too busy to put my shoes on and left them behind somewhere.

Frustrations in dream = 4 :
lost credit card
lost time (not going home immediately)
forgotten swimsuit
forgotten shoes

Solutions to problems = 1 :
slow down and rest

1 comment:

Libtea said...

My interpretation of this dream is that you have high expectations if yourself and are rather self-critical throughout the day. The frustration comes from the inner voice telling you all the things you should have done better. xoxo, I'm here cuz I follow you on Pinterest. :)