June 5, 2011


I know there's a chance this is not actually delight, but an angry or warning camel and a freaked out child...but I'm going to keep calling it delight. Via

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Cari said...

There's a picture of me about 4 years old in which my mouth is open, my eyes are shining, and my face is very expressive. It looks like I'm having a hey-day! In reality, the photographer thought he'd be cute and, without asking, pulled a puppy out of a basket in the corner. What he didn't know was that about 2 months prior, I was almost eaten by a doberman trained to protect its master's stuff. I had jumped up on the truck's tailgate to pet the 'puppy'--Mom snatched me away just in time to hear the chomp in my ear. If you know the story, you can see the terror in my eyes. Otherwise, it's just a darn cute picture.