June 26, 2011

Antiqueing and Ginger Root

Yesterday, I used the Capital Bikeshare bikes no less than three times. How freeing not to be hampered by the prescribed metro lines or the soreness of my feet. I love that I can bike DC.

I am on a quest to find some antique buttons to put on a jacket I have whose buttons fell off and were boring anyway. I visited a couple antique stores, like Ruff and Ready (this place is like going into a hoarder's house. But with antiques. If you truly wanted to find something here, it would take a loooong time to sift through everything)

and GoodWood (This place is beautiful! Treasures, all.)
and some other vintage stores in the neighborhood (U street corridor). I met up with Kaelan, one of my best friends from Powell County (high school), and we had fun making faces in the antique carnival mirror,
trying on shoes, and so on.
Then she took me down to her friend Erin's shop, Ginger Root Designs. I LOVED IT! TOTALLY MY STYLE! (Another super cute photo here).
Erin and Kristen take old clothes and jewelry and you-name-it, and upcycle it into super fashion-forward loveliness. Same ethos I have for Verdance--taking old things and giving them new life instead of throwing them away, and giving them a life that is current instead of outdated. For instance, check out this BEFORE:
and AFTER:
I bought an ascot, I just love it. Will wear it tonight....photos to come. In the meantime, a little video of them. I'm a little bit obsessed right now. I love finding like-minded people unexpectedly!

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