June 12, 2011


Capitol building at night. Ain't she lovely?

The White House

Steam from the manhole covers, and the hot, hot sun.

I arrived in DC almost 2 weeks ago. I stayed the first couple nights with a friend from high school, but started working at WWF the morning after I arrived. It's been HOT.
I was so glad to spend most of a year in a place where the temperature hovered around 60 degrees, but I am one of the few people who really likes humid heat in the summer. When I found out I got to be in DC for the summer one of the things I was looking forward to was enjoying a real swealtery SE summer rather than staying in Monterey, where I hear (and Ben is confirming) it stays overcast and cool for several months. And hot and humid it has been. I do like it, though I admit I like humidity best when the temperature is under 90 degrees F. Above that, it really feels like walking in a stagnant oven.

One of the cool things DC has to offer is a free concert every day of the week, 365 days a year, at 6pm at the Kennedy Center, a mile from WWF. I have been twice so far. It gives me something to do after work aside from just going home, and allows me to support these (great but unknown) artists despite being poor. It's nice to feel independent, sitting amongst a different group of people than my co-workers or my MIIS friends, enjoying live music in a beautiful setting.
The Millenium Stage
It says "dedicated to art" up there at the top.

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