June 14, 2011

Apartment landed

My second day of work was spent looking for a place to live. I found a place, went to check it out, and though it was in a sketchy neighborhood, the inside of the apartment was very nice, each bedroom locked, and I would have shared the house with 4 or 5 other people who seemed very nice. One of their friends said, "yeah, we have parties here all the time"--which was a bit disconcerting for someone who doesn't really party. However, I figured I could just use my earplugs and lock my door if they were having too much fun without me. I agreed to the place and planned on moving in the next day.
Thank goodness I was offered a better deal the following morning! At $100 cheaper, 2 metro stops closer to work, in a much better neighborhood, with a single (excellent) roommate who is also a WWF intern (from France), only a block from the grocery and 2 blocks from the metro station: this place was a winner! It reminds me of the Lyndhurst apartment Ben and I lived in in Lexington: old building with beautiful original accents like a marble staircase in the entranceway and old glass 'exit' sconces, etc.
I snapped that one up, cancelled my other option, stayed one more night with Lisa & Dodon (thanks guys!) and moved into my new apartment the next day.
Time to unpack, finally!

All moved in. Cozy and organized.

All my special pretties in their own drawer. It's nice to be able to spread out.

Hostas in my neighborhood. Very southeast summer feel for me.

Sunlight on my ridiculous # of shoes.
The quality of light in this high-ceilinged apartment is wonderful.

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