May 11, 2010

Poor Kitty!

Ben said that Cappy lost her virginity yesterday, raped even! She was on the back porch, when he heard cat screaming. He ran outside to see her running inside from a big tomcat, blood on her bottom. Parsnip to the rescue! Parsnip runs up to the horny meany (cat penises have spikes on them!) and bites the fuck out of him. Whacks him good upside the head, and clobbers his belly with BIG KITTY feet punches. Old tomcat was outta there. Parsnip loves her Cappy kitty, what a good protector. Ben said Cappy hid from him for a while, then was snuggle-demanding for a few hours once she'd recovered a little.

PS--yes, our girl kitties are both spayed. Mostly they are indoor kitties, safe from prowlers like this.
The photo above is from one time when Cappy was cuddling on my lap and Parsnip got jealous and plopped herself right on top. Ha.

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Cari said...

aw, sister love.