May 16, 2010

Orchid Progression

My orchid had not bloomed in 3 years. I got it right after my house burned down, and it was a silent, beautiful bastion of peace for me during that time. But it had been so long, I forgot what kind of orchid it was, what color the blooms were. In January, I was really really excited to see the plant send out a shoot.

In February, the buds were getting bigger.

When I moved to Boulder mid-March, the orchid was one of the few things I took with me in my car.

The first bloom opened in April and I was excited to see the color.

Progress as more buds opened.

Enjoying the close-up reticulations of this flower.

Here it is in all it's fineness, on my window shrine, my tiny space of peace.

And then, sadly, two nights ago, the blinds fell off the wall and broke the flower stalk right off the orchid plant. Sadness! I'm hoping they will stay pretty enough in a cup of water til I leave for Guatemala.

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