May 29, 2010

Locket DIY

I'm leaving for Guatemala in 3 days. In preparation, I made a little locket to go on the outside of my daypack, with a picture of Ben and a picture of the kitties inside. This is how.
Traded a pendant for a brass drawerpull+locket+rhinestones at Elevation from Kyla.

Printed out some pictures, after measuring the locket and resizing the pictures in a word document. I printed several of the same pictures in case I screwed up cutting them out. I printed them on 80lb laser printer. I laminated them with simple clear packing tape, both sides, to protect the ink from wetness (glue, or otherwise)

I cut out a little mock-up, and kept trimming until I had the right shape. Then I traced around it on the pictures and cut them out. I glued them in the locket with superglue.

Then all I had to do was afix the locket to my zipper. I had some fun pipecleaners laying around to do the job.

Now I will have a little picture of my beloveds with me the whole time I'm gone!

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