May 16, 2010


Phoenix is my niece. She is 6.5 months old. I watch her during the day, 3 days a week, before working at Snarfs. When I first got here, she could just barely sit up by herself. Now she can sit up, roll over, and quasi-almost-crawl, stand up, is starting to balance well, and she can walk a little bit if she's holding your fingers. Other milestones since I've been here: eating food instead of just breastmilk, solid poops to match, sitting in a highchair. I wonder what else will happen before I leave.
She is a joy. I've never really liked babies. But she is a joy--no whining, only cranky when she's teething, easy to please, content to chill, and she likes to dance. When she's asleep I clean up the house. When she's awake, she gets fed or changed, but here are some pics of other things we do.

Sometimes I'm half asleep (with the imprint of my sheets still on my face) when I start watching her.

Then I put on music, and all is well.

We go on walks. She has to wear a hat to protect her head from the sun.

Chataqua, one of the places we went on a walk once. It's right up the road from Chelsea's.

Buddy comes on our walks. Here we are tying Buddy up while we go in to the grocery store.

After walks, she usually falls asleep.

Then I can put her to bed for a nap while I do laundry.

She's very good at playing on the blanket while I vacuum.

Diaper change.

Food time!

Nothing like a snooze and a bottle.

She likes to make faces.

And to bite my pen.

She has a great sense of humor.

At night, she tries to stay up til Chelsea and Vinny get home. But...

We went to Dot's Diner w/ the family one morning.

On Mother's Day, she looked like a little angel with her frilly sleeves and the yellow bracelet (halo). She got a bruise from exercising her mobility and bumping her face. )o:

Me and both my nieces.

Here they are being tigers on my bed.


woo said...

I love seeing *a day in the life* of you and Phoenix. How fun! I especially love the clip of dancing and the way her eyes look at the camera. Thanks for sharing this photo essay of your day!

brooke said...

THANK YOU!!!!! Can you make me copies of 2 of them? Chelsea and Tiger Smiling at smiling Phoenix and the one of you w/ your nieces.