January 28, 2006


Our sweet horse, Whinny, died last weekend. He was such a wonderful horse--so willling to please. He would go up near vertical slopes with me, walking on his knees sometimes if he slipped, without protest. I used to get on his back bare-back with no halter or bridle, and run up from the field to the barn, the other horses following behind. All I would have to do is give a bit of a squeeze and he would be off! His gait would keep me on his back and I would pretend I was a native american, running through the grasslands, trusting my horse so much that I could be free to draw from my quiver, an arrow to poise and shoot with perfect aim.
We'll miss the little guy. I'm glad he got to be "top dog" for at least a couple years with Kaeda (our other horse).

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tif said...

may his clover be abundant, and his prairie pastures wide.