January 6, 2006

My Aura

I must have an electrical field around me much more intense than most people because I have NEVER had a computer that hasn't screwed up in some unheard of way. And not just when it gets old. I used to chalk it up to having computers built customly instead of buying a pre-built generic model. Then I blamed it on the PC. Now that I have a mac (my lovely iBook, Pelusa)--okay, it's been the best by far, but...--it is still messing up! I'm not kidding, though, Ben would leave his computer on for days, I would walk into the room and it would shut down. Same thing now with Pelusa. She is supposed to be asleep but when I open her up, she's dead. She's chugging along just fine, I pick her up, and she shuts her eyes at me. Turning her back on sometimes works, sometimes I have to plug her in (and battery charge is fine) before she'll reboot.
So off to the computer doctor, and I'm without my laptop for a week.

--Oh no! Will she survive? Will she be able to retrieve things she desperately needs from her jump drive, or did she forget to back up that one very important document? Will the computer doctor find all the illegal porn on her harddrive and turn her in? (just kidding)

To be continued...

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