January 30, 2006

Good Stuff

This spate of downers deserves some follow up. I don't just write when I'm down! Good things going: 1. I spent 5 hours studying well a couple weeks ago and realized it felt way mo' bettah to be productive and learning than to be depressed. Since then I have been just dandy.
2. Ben came to visit me on the fly this weekend! Cheap ticket + fast flight=Ben + Alyssum in Massachusetts!
3. I have great friends (THANK YOU!!!!)
4. The weather is staying above freezing up here usually (although somehow the ground is still covered in snow).


Emily Bedelle said...

You are my soul sister...Law school gives the downers too!! I've been in a funk since...well, basically since grades came out! I so related to your going home at Christmas situation (and I'm p'ed I missed you!!) I hate when everyone asks, "how's school going?" but at the same time, encouragement is nice. Just want you to know you aren't alone, and it sure is good to know I'm not either!

alyssum said...

Emirreee! I think I actually saw you one day when I was in town, but I was in the car driving past (now, where WAS that??) I've been thinking of getting a hamster and I always remember your story of the person who would make things turn into transformers by calling them HamsTOR.