June 29, 2012

Lexington and Back

Funeral in Kentucky Summer.  Collage by me.
Unexpectedly, Ben's grampa died and so we went back to Kentucky for the visitation, funeral, and to clear out the house.  

Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown
Kentucky Burgoo and fried green tomatoes
Bourbon bottle with a fox that looks like Cappy

Ice's Produce: owned by Ben's Mom's cousins.
Corncob handle found on old awl. For reals.
3 sets of Flour/Sugar/Coffee/Tea tins that I saw in Lexington at an antique market that I considered getting.  Then I found a set at Grandparents' house. 

Mom's honey and honeycomb from her new bees.
Mom's beehives.

None of the motorcyclists I saw wore helmets.  This motorcycle had mini truck-nuts.  Oh Kentucky. 
But it's not all backwards: Food carts in downtown Lexington!

Delish breakfast w/ family.
Delish indeed.

Dr. Nasty, Morgan, and Glossy.
Flex, Ben, Isaac, Ella 
Missy & Cole
Flex showing us his radio and antennae.

Dad driving Polly, his 1950 Chevrolet.

Driving in Polly in lush green Cincinnati.

Dad and I walked around watching frogs jump into the pond. Chirp!

It's just SO GREEN there.  

By the end I missed the ocean and my kitties.  But I loved the comfort I feel there, friends and family, plenty.  And now I'm back in the world of recycling, composting, and my own destiny.

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