June 29, 2012

Since Graduation

I have, of course, been searching for jobs.  I've had 2 interviews where I was in the final rounds, but no dice.  Still, thinking about those situations as great opportunities to practice interviewing.  I'm taking it as a good sign that I've had 2 real interviews less than a month after graduating.  I'm also working 15 hrs/week at Seafood Watch, still.

In the meantime, I've been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.  All these projects I've had in my mind for ever--I have the time to make them come to fruition!  For instance, this model for my pendants and earrings which I wanted on wood, but never found a properly large piece of drift wood to make that come true. Instead, I utilized my photoshop skills, melding a photo of worn wood that I took with the silhouette photo, mounting it on foamboard and cutting it out.
 Ben and I have been enjoying more time to explore TOGETHER.  Here are some shots from Asilomar one day. Super low tide= lots of crabs.

 Once a week, I've been going up to San Francisco for a dance class, and I have enjoyed other things like loft parties with hipster bands and characters dancing around.

People named Pinky playing something that looks like a cross between a fiddle and a gramaphone.
If I go up early (which I've learned to do to avoid hitting crazy traffic), I spend the day with Dusty or Mira or Rose, working on costuming/choreography.  It's great to immerse myself in that creative part of my life with others who are of the same ilk.  
Dusty's dress patterns hanging all organized-like.

 My friend Colleen turned 30, and I helped celebrate, doing her makeup like mine (I had just finished round two of photoshoots with Thatcher).

Baby Aria and dressed up dolls Alyssum and Mama Colleen.

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