July 6, 2012

Waste Inspiration

The other day, Ben and I went up to SF to visit our dear friends Phillip & Tara who were down from Portland briefly.  We stayed at our mutual friend's house (she was out of town), which was a cozy yet modern and spacious studio apartment in the lower level of a victorian house in the Mission.   I loved the details of the apartment:  floor to ceiling mirrors (which were actually doors to her closet space) in the main room, and a sprung wood floor (she's also a dance instructor). Super nice kitchen with full appliances and similarly modern bathroom, but not much space other than that.  I mean, that's really all you need!  I sort of fantasized about living there--where would all my art stuff go?  I figured I'd have to make the bedroom area a two-level loft with the bed up top and all my pendant and sewing and dance stuff below.  I like to think I don't have all that much stuff, but the reality is that everything is relative.  And I definitely have plenty.   I've been organizing all my stuff and Ben's between job searching.  

Anyway, another thing that I really appreciated in her place was the minimalization of waste.  She seems to subscribe to the idea of expectation:  whatever receptacle you maintain for waste will be accordingly filled.  And she, thus, does not expect much.  Because check it out:  from L to R= recycling, compost, trash. 

That's a small recycling bucket. The compost is about the same size as I have in my freezer, but that trash receptacle is "desktop wastebasket" size! I love that diminuation of stuff-going-to-landfill expectation! It really helps to think about every item you buy in the market when you extend your thinking to "I'm going to have to throw that wrapper away. Will it even fit in my trashcan?" Every item that doesn't fit means another trip out to the herby-curbie. So, yeah, I was impressed and inspired. I found this longer article that talks more about how to integrate such ideas into your own household and create a "zero waste kitchen" if you're so inclined (let me know if you make any of these changes!).

P & T, it was so wonderful to see you two.

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